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Website licence

Terms of use of the GP archives collections

The films and images in these collections are protected under the Intellectual Property Code.

In viewing the GP archives website, the user acknowledges his or her acceptance of the conditions of the user licence granted by GP archives.

This licence provides the user with strictly personal, non-collective and non-exclusive use of the content of the website.

This includes the right to copy and store content for presentations of the content on a single-user workstation and to make one hard or soft copy. The licence is personal and non-transferable in any way whatsoever.

This licence in no way authorizes the user to further copy, present or, in general, exploit the content.

The materials and images cannot be used, duplicated, copied, disclosed, distributed, adapted or changed, in part or in their entirety, in any way whatsoever, without the prior express consent of GP archives.

Consequently, it is expressly prohibited to redistribute all or part of the content or put it on-line in any form whatsoever.

Any person who violates these mandatory regulations or uses the content in any way that is detrimental to the authors and/or the copyright holders is liable to civil and penal proceedings as prescribed by law.